North East for Europe


The leave campaign used the phrase ‘take back control’, but the Government have been working hard to stop Parliament having control of the Brexit process.

A crucial vote in the House of Commons is expected to take place on December 12th, when MPs will debate and vote on Amendment 7 to the EU Withdrawal Bill. This cross party amendment would give Parliament a proper vote on the final Brexit deal.

Please email your MP today to ask them to sign and vote for Amendment 7 (tabled by Dominic Grieve) of the EU Withdrawal Bill.

You can find the email address of your MP here: If using their constituency email address, please also copy in their parliamentary one, as emails to these are logged.

If MPs support this amendment it will be added to the final version of the Bill. This will ensure that our MPs are given the chance to fully scrutinise the deal the government makes with the EU before we leave – and that the option to remain in the EU stays on the table.

We want a country that works for everyone, and one that is open, tolerant and part of the European Union, with all the rights and benefits that has brought us.

In the referendum vote on 23rd June 2016 Newcastle was one of the places where the majority of voters were for "Remain". The North East as a region voted to leave, but as the region with strongest manufacturing trade with Europe we are a region where Brexit puts many people's jobs at risk.

Whatever one thinks of the referendum campaigns and result, we still live in a democracy, we have a right to continue to say why we think the whole country is better remaining in the European Union, and we plan to continue to do this.

North East for Europe believes that Britain is better off (economically, socially and culturally)as part of the European Union and we think that as the implications of Brexit (and especially, a hard Brexit) become clearer, the case for remaining in the EU will become stronger and more popular.

Throughout the Brexit negotiations and the twists and turns of politics at Westminster, we will continue to argue and campaign in favour of EU membership and against Brexit. We will work with people from all parties and none where we can work together to oppose Brexit and to maintain the strongest possible relationship with the European Union.

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