North East for Europe


One year on from the referendum, the future relationship between Britain and Europe is as unclear as it was on the morning of 24th June. We are meeting up on the anniversary of the referendum, in a city that voted to remain in the EU, to celebrate and affirm that whichever EU country we are from, we are all Europeans Together, and that we want to be able to stay united as Europeans able to live, work, contribute to and move freely between our various countries.

Visit our European Together page for more information. Details of location and programme will be available shortly.

We want a country that works for everyone, and one that is open, tolerant and part of the European Union, with all the rights and benefits that has brought us.

In the referendum vote on 23rd June last year Newcastle was one of the places where the majority of voters were for "Remain". The North East as a region voted to leave, but as the region with strongest manufacturing trade with Europe we are a region where Brexit puts many people's jobs at risk.

Whatever one thinks of the referendum campaigns and result, we still live in a democracy, we have a right to continue to say why we think the whole country is better remaining in the European Union, and we plan to continue to do this.

North East for Europe believes that Britain is better off (economically, socially and culturally)as part of the European Union and we think that as the implications of Brexit (and especially, a hard Brexit) become clearer, the case for remaining in the EU will become stronger and more popular.

Our rally at Grey's monument in Newcastle on 15th October was a good start, and the march, rally and post march talk at the Lit & Phil by Professor Grayling on March 4th built on this. Our protests in Sunderland and elsewhere in the run up to Theresa May's Government triggering article 50 continued this and during this time we have built up a stronger network of pro-EU campaigners across the region.

Following the General Election in June, May's government is a lot weaker, and the political situation is much more unpredictable. We will continue to argue and campaign against Brexit, and to work with people from all parties and none where we can work together to oppose Brexit and to maintain the strongest possible relationship with the European Union.

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