North East for Europe


The national tour by a bus with the slogan “Brexit to cost £2,000 million a week” and the question “Is Brexit worth it?” is in the North East of England on Sunday 25th February.

North East for Europe will be welcoming the bus and holding a mini-rallies in Tynemouth, Durham and Middlesbrough

Charles Seaford, one of the organisers, said “This is a light-hearted attempt to draw attention to a very big issue. The Government’s own leaked analysis is that Brexit with a Free Trade Agreement will cost us 5% of GDP after 15 years. At today’s prices that means being £2,000 million a week poorer than we otherwise would have been. To put this impact in context, we currently spend £2,500 million a week on the NHS across the UK”.

Here in the North East, our trading and cultural links with the rest of Europe are vital, and far from Brexit releasing extra money for the NHS, it is likely to make us, and our NHS much poorer.
The bus timetable for 25th February is
  • 10.00 to 10.30am: Outside Tynemouth Metro Station
  • 11.45 to 12.15: Durham Market Place
  • 1.45 to 2.15: Woodlands Road, Middlesbrough, near the entrance to the campus of Teesside University
  • 4.30: York
More details for the North East stops are on the events calendar page.

Please note that the organisers have requested that people don't turn up with EU flags etc, as this may discourage some of the audience they are seeking to reach.
More information for the bus tour are at , and  

We want a country that works for everyone, and one that is open, tolerant and part of the European Union, with all the rights and benefits that has brought us.

In the referendum vote on 23rd June 2016 Newcastle was one of the places where the majority of voters were for "Remain". The North East as a region voted to leave, but as the region with strongest manufacturing trade with Europe we are a region where Brexit puts many people's jobs at risk.

Whatever one thinks of the referendum campaigns and result, we still live in a democracy, we have a right to continue to say why we think the whole country is better remaining in the European Union, and we plan to continue to do this.

North East for Europe believes that Britain is better off (economically, socially and culturally)as part of the European Union and we think that as the implications of Brexit (and especially, a hard Brexit) become clearer, the case for remaining in the EU will become stronger and more popular.

Throughout the Brexit negotiations and the twists and turns of politics at Westminster, we will continue to argue and campaign in favour of EU membership and against Brexit. We will work with people from all parties and none where we can work together to oppose Brexit and to maintain the strongest possible relationship with the European Union.

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