2019 - the year to end Brexit?

Hello 2019,

North East for Europe wishes everyone a happy new year!

Whether Brexit happens on March 29th or not, we know 2019 is going to be an eventful year!

Parliament is due to return on 7th January and to vote on the Prime Minister's deal on 14th January. After that? who knows?

Even if the Prime Minister wins on 14th January, new legislation then needs to get through Parliament in the following weeks before an orderly Brexit could happen. Will the Government need to delay the Brexit date?

And if (as most observers seem to think likely) the Prime Minister loses on 14th January, will we be heading for a "no-deal Brexit" - something the Government itself thinks will be so problematic that they are spending millions of our money in all sorts of ways to mitigate the difficulties - even hiring companies that don't have any ships to run ferry services!

But if Parliament can't agree, then passing the question back to us, the voters, may be the only way forward.

Opinion polls show increasing support for a People's Vote - and also for stopping Brexit. For many people Brexit may have seemed like appealing in 2016, but now that we know more about what it involves many people are having second thoughts. People in a democracy have the right to change their minds, especially when more facts are known. As a country we should not continue with Brexit if the majority of people don't want it. The only way to find out is to have a People's vote!

So at North East for Europe we will be celebrating the new year and pressing it to be the year for people, not just MPs, to be given the final say on what happens with Brexit.

you agree, and want to help us, please let us know.