After the vote ... and before the results

Thank you to everyone who voted - or tried to vote - on Thursday. 

The conservative right wing who never wanted Theresa May as prime minister have finally managed to carry out their putsch (aided, of course, by the Prime Minister's own mistakes and mis-judgements). They have also succeeded in a classic piece of news management - generating a big news headline to push speculation about their party's poor election result down the news channels.

But there is another news story that we shouldn't lose sight of - the many EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens abroad who have been unable to have their vote counted in this week's election.

It is unacceptable that people entitled to vote have been refused their rights, but there are widespread reports of

EU citizens on the electoral register not being sent the form they need to be able to vote yesterday, or having got and returned the form in time, the local authority failing to process it in time, or even after having had a letter from the local authority confirming they could vote, being refused a vote at the polling station.


UK citizens with a registered postal vote address in another country not being sent their vote in time to return it before polls closed yesterday.

We recommend that anyone denied a vote should complain the the Chief Executive of their local authority, to the Chair of the electoral commission and to their MP. A draft letter that can be adapted to fit individual circumstances can be downloaded here