Another Theresa May U turn

Another Theresa May U turn!

Theresa May spent almost the whole of the first year of her time as prime minister saying she wouldn't call an early General Election - then she called one!

She has spent the last few weeks telling us that the withdrawal she negotiated with the EU27 couldn't be changed - but on January 29th she agreed it should be renegotiated.

So when she repeatedly tells us that there wont be another referendum - a People's Vote on the Brexit deal - why should we believe her? - in fact, based on her track record we should assume that there will be another U turn, and that sometime in the next two months she will be announcing it!

So fir the first half of February the clock to Brexit will continue to run down, and the Government will strenuously(?) try to fix their withdrawal deal to get something that the EU, the DUP and the whole of the Conservative party can agree on. Good luck with that!

The likelihood must be that when Parliament comes to the next 'meaningful vote' on Brexit, we will be back to a stalemate. Parliament so far has voted against no-deal, and the only way out of the stalemate of a deal that it doesn't support will be to pass the decision back to the people.

The sooner our MPs accept this, the sooner we can find a way out of the Brexit mess.

North East for Europe will be continuing to press our local MPs to back a #PeoplesVote. If you can help, please join us