Article 50 #notInOurName #notWithMay

On Wednesday, when Theresa May triggers Article 50, we are holding two events to say that whilst invoking article 50 is bad news, with potentially drastic effects in a region such as ours, there are still two years to undo this, and we will be continuing to campaign to change minds and hearts.

At lunchtime we will have a "Fly the Flag" event at the Sunderland Winter Gardens, and at 6pm we will be part of the national "Join Hands for Europe" and will be gathering outside Newcastle Civic Centre.

If you agree with us and are free, please join us at either or both of these events. We want to show that the campaign to stay in the EU is not over, to encourage other "remainers" and to attract those who didn't vote remain, but who are worried about Brexit, and we want to keep up pressure on politicians and decision makers.