Stop the Coup

North East for Europe's response to the proroguing of Parliament: (updated)

Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament is an appalling attack on our democracy. He is an unelected prime minister and leader of a party that lost its majority at the last election, and yesterday's move to prorogue Parliament is an attempt to silence elected MPs as he pushes on with a version of Brexit that was rejected by the Leave campaign in 2016.

The coming days and weeks will be crucial and we need as many people as possible to fight back. The need for a democratic People's Vote is stronger than ever.

We urge everyone who can to do four things this week:

1) If you haven't yet done so, please sign the Parliamentary petition opposing the suspension of Parliament - we need to show MPs that this is an issue people care about.

2) Come to one of the "Stop the Coup" protests being on Saturday

11:00 Newcastle Monument (The demo planned for 12.00 has been combined with an earlier one and the combined one is expected to run until around 1pm)

12:00 Durham Millenium Square.

12:00 Darlington High Row

12:00 Middlesbrough Centre Square (MIMA)

(The demo in Newcastle planned for 12.00 Saturday has been combined with an earlier one and the combined one is expected to run until around 1pm - if you come for all oof it, come for when you can)

3) Sign up for and come to the People's Vote "Let us be heard" rally in The Assembly Rooms in Newcastle on Sunday (1st September) - information and free tickets from eventbrite.

4) Arrange to get to the Peoples Vote march in London on October 19th - Information on the march is at here and you can book places on coaches from Newcastle, Durham and Darlington here.

5) Write to your MP to tell them what you feel about the situation - they need to know! - Here are some suggestions of things you might want to mention:

30th August 2019