December 13th

Thank you to everyone who worked or voted for candidates and parties who supported a People's Vote in the election on December 12th.

The Conservatives won a big majority of seats in Parliament, despite the fact that more than half (52%) of votes were for parties in favour of a referendum on the Brexit deal.

On December 20th Parliament started the process of passing the Withdrawal bill into law, and the UK is now almost certain to formally leave the EU on 31st January - but this doesn’t “get Brexit done” and there are still many issues to sort out in the coming months.

In a democracy there is no requirement for the losers in an election to change their minds. The Government have a right to govern and everyone has the right to think as they choose.

North East for Europe will continue to press for the closest possible relationship with countries of the European Union and will continue to support and press for the rights of all those who live in the North East, irrespective of nationality.