Please help crowdfund our campaigning

Campaigning and making the case for staying in the European Union, the single market and the customs union costs money.

The rally we are planning for Sunderland in October will cost around £1500 to pay for PA, insurance, leaflets and adverts etc. 

Without donations from friends and supporters, we simply won't have the money to enable the rally or other campaigning to take place.

All donations of any size are welcome:

  • £25 can pay for a boost (advert) of our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter
  • £50 can pay for 5,000 leaflets to be distributed door to door and at street stalls
  • £120 can pay for a street stall kit for a new branch
  • £250 can pay for a banner we can display on main routes to be seen by thousands of motorists

We don't have big sponsors, all our events and activities are funded by the donations of individuals keen to see Brexit changed and Britain stay in the EU.

You can help and give in many ways - such as time, expertise, and in-kind, not just money. Whatever you can do or give is appreciated, but if you can help with our finances, please fill in the form below. 

Thank you.