North East for Europe affiliates to European Movement

The committee of North East for Europe have agreed to affiliate with European Movement UK. The European Movement was formed in 1949 and has consistently campaigned for Britain to be at the heart of a democratic, integrated and efficient Europe. North East for Europe and the European Movement do not believe Brexit is in the UK’s best interests.

By affiliating and working with the European Movement we aim to increase our reach and capacity. We want to work with all like-minded groups and individuals in the North East to promote a strong and coherent message about the benefits of EU membership and the failures of Brexit.

It was David Davis who said “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”, and as the problems and contradictions of Brexit become clearer, we believe people throughout the UK will want a change of mind and direction. By working with European Movement UK we can help give voice and strength to this call for change.