European elections

The European Parliament elections are on May 23rd!

Easter is over, and it seems that everyone is back at work - but Brexit still isn't working, and no-one yet knows if the Labour party's talks with Government will get anywhere, or even if Theresa  May's Government is willing to change anything in their thrice-rejected proposals.

So the European Parliament elections seem set to go ahead on May 23rd. Nominations close on Thursday 25th April, but it seems that Remainers and Leavers will each have a wide choice of parties.

Here in the North East, with only three MEP places, many of us regret that the parties didn't come to an arrangement to work together, but the UK's election system doesn't make that easy. 

North East for Europe want to encourage anyone who is eligible but not currently registered to vote to get their registration in by the closing date of May 7th - you can register at

And next time someone tells you that the EU is not democratic, please do gently point out that the election is happening across the EU.

The European Parliament election is happening because the EU is democratic - we voters choose the MEPs and the MEPs have to approve the EU budget and any new EU rules and laws, and will have a vote on the make up of the new EU commission that will be set up after the election. In many ways our MEPs have more influence on how the EU works than our MPs do on the Government in Westminster.