European Parliament election results

European Election Results

Thank you to everyone who voted on Thursday, and especially to everyone who voted for pro-EU parties and candidates. Full results for the region and each council area can be found on the Sunderland Council website.

We are disappointed that our region's three MEPs now include two anti-European MEP's - one of whom has little connection with the region  and who works in France, benefiting from the freedom of movement his party wants to end!

On the plus side, we are pleased at the re-election of Jude Kirton-Darling, a strong advocate of having a new referendum and of remaining in the EU, as well as being strong voice for the needs of the North East.

Although the Brexit Party topped the poll, the total North East votes for Euro-sceptic candidates and parties (including the Conservatives) has decreased slightly since 2014, while the total of votes for EU friendly parties (including Labour) has risen. North East for Europe will continue to campaign to further build support for keeping a strong relationship with, and membership of, the European Union.

Nationally, the Brexit party have taken over UKIP's MEP seats and gained six more, whilst Liberal Democrats and Greens have gained a total of 19 new MEPs, and the total of 38% of votes for clear pro-Remain parties beats the 35% for the leave without a deal Brexit Party and UKIP vote.

Watch out for new campaign plans and actions in the next few days and weeks, and if you want to be kept in touch or get involved please let us know.