European elections

The European Parliament elections are on May 23rd!

The European Parliament elections are scheduled for May 23rd to elect Members of the European Parliament that votes on future policies, rules and regulations of the European Union - the EU is controlled not by unelected bureacrats but by democratically elected Members of the European Parliament and members of each country's democratically elected government. 

Although there are three North East MEPs, our UK election law says we each have only one vote on May 23rd. We can vote for a party, but not the individual candidates (other countries do it differently).

There are seven parties standing in the North East of England:

Conservative - Labour - Liberal Democrat - Green - UKIP - Brexit - Change UK

Many of us regret that some of these parties with similar views didn't come to an arrangement to work together, but the UK's election system doesn't make that easy, especially with an election that has been arranged at short notice.

North East for Europe is a cross party group and does not plan to endorse any particular party,
but we want pro-Remain and pro-Peoples Vote parties to receive a majority of the votes cast,
and we want as many pro-EU MEPs as possible.

And next time someone tells you that the EU is not democratic, please do gently point out that the election is happening across the EU.