April 21, 2017
Contact: Frank Hindle

Statement on General Election

The general election to be held on 8th June gives us all a great opportunity to campaign to stop Brexit and fight for the UK to remain at the heart of Europe.  North East for Europe is committed to these objectives and will make every effort over coming weeks to ensure that we have a government which doesn’t just listen to the 37% of the electorate who voted to leave the EU.

North East for Europe has been successful in drawing together people of all sorts of political ideals and members of different political parties.  We believe that fighting against Brexit and ensuring that the UK remains in the EU is far more important than party politics at this time.

North East for Europe will not be endorsing or promoting any political party during the general election campaign.  We will continue to campaign to protect the UK’s membership of the EU and will aim to ensure that as many people as possible in our region understand why this is so important to Britain and to the lives of all of us in the North East. 

We will be contacting all candidates to ask them a few very simple questions so we can find out whether voting for them will help the fight against Brexit.  Their answers, the voting record of sitting candidates on Brexit and their party’s policy on Brexit, will be published on our website.

Over the next six weeks we will do all we can to encourage the people of the North East to put Britain’s continued future in Europe at the heart of their decision on how to cast their vote on 8th June.