Getting ready for a new prime minister?

Getting ready for a new prime minister?

The Conservative party are choosing a new leader and all their candidates say they can sort out Brexit, but no-one (not even Rory Stewart) has managed to explain how.

It is a strange twist of democracy when the members of just one party, that doesn't even have a majority in Parliament, get to choose the country's next Prime Minister. But whoever gets the job will still face a divided Parliament and a divided country. Despite what the would-be leaders say now, there is no certainty about Brexit, and a People's Vote could still be used to break the Parliamentary stalemate.

Throughout this period, North East for Europe will be continuing to campaign in favour of staying in the EU, for the people of the UK to have the final say on any deal or no-deal Brexit, and for that final say to include an option to remain.

We will be supporting the March for Change in London on July 20th to show the new Prime Minister, the country and the world that huge numbers of us want to stop the Brexit chaos, and that we want a government that will work on fixing the huge issues that face us all, from the climate emergency, to schools, the NHS and the housing crisis. Click here to tell the organisers that you are coming. We are looking at booking coaches again and will have more information shortly.


We will also be continuing to support the People's Vote "Let us be heard" campaign and march in London on October 12th, and will be publicising details when they are announced.

We are also waiting for information about a Peoples's Vote rally in Sunderland on 7th July


Meanwhile, our own local campaigning goes on. We will be in

Sunderland at the Market Place from 11am to 1pm on June 22nd,
Newcastle Haymarket from 5pm on July 5th
• and at the Durham Miners' Gala on July 13th,

and we will have new leaflets ready for delivery anywhere in the region shortly.

We'd love to see you at any of these events, or you can sign up to be kept in touch