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Indicative Votes 2

It is disappointing that Monday's round of indicative votes didn't produce any positive decisions, but our view of the results is that the proposal for a "confirmatory public vote" again was the most popular among MPs. Importantly more MPs backed it than last week so there seems to be a momentum building that we hope will see this either alone of as a combined proposal being supported by the majority in the end.

More votes are expected on Wednesday. Meanwhile let's keep making the case to MPs that since they can't agree on what Brexit should look like, they should put the decision back to us, the people of the UK, and see if the majority even want Brexit any more.

You can see how your MP voted by going to the BBC website at You can write to your MP to let them know that you want them to support a People's Vote or revoke Article 50.

And the petition to revoke article 50 and abandon Brexit now stands at over six million and rising - anyone who hasn't yet signed can do so at