Is this the deal that people voted for?

At last ...

Wednesday 14th November - 874 days after the referendum, the Government have finally (just about) agreed a deal with the EU. No-one knows if Parliament will agree to it, but it has united hard core Brexiters and Remainers in saying that it is worse than staying in the EU.

People are poring over the 500 pages of Withdrawal agreement, and the much shorter statement about future relations with the EU that are still to be negotiated during the "transition period", but we do know that

  • This is not the "easiest deal ever"
  • It won't result in £350 million per week extra for the NHS
  • The UK has already lost thousands of jobs to Europe
  • The transition deal might protect the car industry for another couple of years, but there is not the long term certainty that is needed for businesses to invest in future models

This is not the Brexit deal that the Leave campaign spoke about. It is not what millions of people voted for in 2016.  There are two million people now aged 18, 19 or 20 who were too young to vote in 2016 who have had no say on Brexit, and we live in a democracy, so, as David Davis said, that means people are able to change their minds.

So if the Government want to put this deal forward, they should put it to the people.

North East for Europe, with many others across the country (there were 700,000 of us on the streets of London 3 weeks ago) is campaigning for a People's Vote.

Increasing numbers of MPs from Labour, Conservative ( including Boris Johnson's brother), Green, Lib Dem, SNP and other parties are backing a People's Vote. And we have a few weeks left to convince others that this is the best way for the country to move forward.

Time is short. If you agree with us, please come and help us. Visit our Events page to see what is happening next, sign up to help at our volunteer page or make a donation. Anything you can do will be appreciated