North East for Europe joins the march for a Peoples Vote


This Saturday there will be a strong contingent from the North East of England in London for the March for a People's Vote.

Our campaigners from across the region have detected a change of mood as the Brexit negotiations continue to reveal just how complex Brexit is, and the damage it can cause to our country. The government struggles to convince even its own MPs that it knows what it wants, and the rest of us wonder where it all end up.

We were told negotiating an exit from and trade deal with the EU would be the "easiest negotiation ever". That, like so much else from the referendum has proved to be wrong. It seems inevitable that whatever the final deal with the EU is, it won't be what the leave campaign said it would be two years ago.

If you order something from a shop, and they deliver something different, you can tell them to take it back.

If Brexit isn't going to deliver, the people of this country should be able to reject it.

So we all need a people's vote on the Brexit Deal.

And we need to make sure MPs in Westminster give us a vote. So on Saturday we are marching on Westminster to demand a vote.