Campaigners for Europe and the NHS working together

The prospect of Brexit is making difficulties for the NHS.

Far from gaining money from it (remember that promise on the Brexit bus?), the NHS is already suffering from the effects of Brexit as the numbers of nurses and doctors from other EU countries declines. Further, the government decision to withdraw from Euratom threatens to damage not just the nuclear industry, but also the availability of radiation treatments for cancer.

Members of European Movement, Open Britain, Angels for Europe and others will be distributing leaflets at The Monument between 11am and 1pm next Saturday as part of a national day of action regarding the NHS and Euratom to draw attention to these issues and press for a change of direction.

Come along and join in!


North East's Remain Campaign Resumes in 2018

Even Nigel Farage and Arron Banks are now saying they might welcome a referendum on the Brexit Deal, and at the same time opinion polls are continuing to show more people want Britain to stay in the EU than leave.

So as parliament gets back to discussing the EU Withdrawal Bill, North East for Europe and our supporters are cheerfully getting back to campaigning for an end to Brexit.

On Tuesday 16th January we will be in Northumberland Street, talking to people about what they think, explaining why we think Brexit will be really bad for the North East and asking if they think Brexit is going well. 

With more events being planned, you can check out our calendar page for more information about what's happening.


Help Parliament take back control

The leave campaign used the phrase ‘take back control’, but the Government have been working hard to stop Parliament having control of the Brexit process.

A crucial vote in the House of Commons is expected to take place on December 12th, when MPs will debate and vote on Amendment 7 to the EU Withdrawal Bill. This cross party amendment would give Parliament a proper vote on the final Brexit deal.

Please email your MP today to ask them to sign and vote for Amendment 7 (tabled by Dominic Grieve) of the EU Withdrawal Bill.

You can find the email address of your MP here: If using their constituency email address, please also copy in their parliamentary one, as emails to these are logged.

If MPs support this amendment it will be added to the final version of the Bill. This will ensure that our MPs are given the chance to fully scrutinise the deal the government makes with the EU before we leave – and that the option to remain in the EU stays on the table.


Open meeting and social event for all supporters

Open meeting and social for all supporters

At North East for Europe we want to reach and engage with people in all parts of the region and to work with and assist other groups in the region that share our aims of stopping Brexit and convincing people of the importance of staying in the EU.

On Friday 17th November, at 7pm in Newcastle Cricket Club on Osborne Avenue, Jesmond NE2 1JS , we have an open meeting for all like-minded people, where we want to develop plans for the coming months by listening to your ideas and sharing some of our own.

It will be great opportunity to find out how you can get involved in helping the UK to stay in the EU and stopping Brexit, and it's also a way of meeting up with like-minded new friends. There is a bar and the venue is fully wheelchair accessible.

You can tell us you are coming (helps us plan!), or just turn up


North East for Europe affiliates to European Movement

The committee of North East for Europe have agreed to affiliate with European Movement UK. The European Movement was formed in 1949 and has consistently campaigned for Britain to be at the heart of a democratic, integrated and efficient Europe. North East for Europe and the European Movement do not believe Brexit is in the UK’s best interests.

By affiliating and working with the European Movement we aim to increase our reach and capacity. We want to work with all like-minded groups and individuals in the North East to promote a strong and coherent message about the benefits of EU membership and the failures of Brexit.

It was David Davis who said “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy”, and as the problems and contradictions of Brexit become clearer, we believe people throughout the UK will want a change of mind and direction. By working with European Movement UK we can help give voice and strength to this call for change.


Rally for Europe on October 14th


The North East Rally for Europe is about supporting and celebrating the importance of the EU to the North East, and calling for a rethink and an end to a damaging Brexit.

It is a way of standing up peacefully to say “No” to Brexit and its adverse effects. We are doing our duty for democracy, our country and our region in wanting the best for our country and our region


Approximate timings for the rally are (subject to changes on the day):

  • 2pm - "First half":

    • Welcome & incidental music (Dr Jacky Collins, North East for Europe / Madeleina Kay, Singer/Songwriter & EU activist) 
    • Baroness Quin (House of Lords - Labour)
    • Lee Williscroft-Ferris (Animal Welfare Party)
    • Jamie Patterson (No 10 Vigil)
    • Prof. Eleanor Spaventa (University of Durham)
  • 2.45pm - Incidental music break (Madeleina Kay)

  • 3pm - “Second half"

    • Welcome back (Dr Jacky Collins, NE4EU)
    • Lord Shipley (House of Lords - Lib Dem)
    • Neil Taylor (Scientists for EU)
    • Jude Kirton-Darling MEP (North East Member of European Parliament - Labour)
    • Natalie Bennett (Former Leader of the Green Party)
  • 3.30pm (approx) - Closing remarks (Dr Jacky Collins, North East for Europe)

  • Closing Music - 'Ode to Joy' Zac Hamilton

You can sign up to tell us you you are coming - or just come anyway!

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October 14th - Rally in Newcastle

On Saturday 14th October, Regional Rallies will be happening all over the country. There will be one in every EU constituency!
The North East's rally will be in Newcastle at Greys Monument at 2pm and will include speakers and music. Come and celebrate being European. Sign up here to be kept in touch and for more information.



European Together

One year on from the referendum, the future relationship between Britain and Europe is as unclear as it was on the morning of 24th June. We are meeting up on the anniversary of the referendum, in a city that voted to remain in the EU, to celebrate and affirm that whichever EU country we are from, we are all Europeans Together, and that we want to be able to stay united as Europeans able to live, work, contribute to and move freely between our various countries.

Visit our European Together page for more information. Details of location and programme will be available shortly.


Candidate Survey

Nominations for the general election closed on May 11th. 

North East for Europe has now written to all 127 candidates in the 29 North East constituencies to ask their views on Brexit. We have a page showing the replies received to date.

If you are a candidate and haven't yet replied, we'd love you to do so.

If you have any problems accessing the survey, please email us at info @

You can also read our statement on our stance in the General Election.


General Election statement

North East for Europe have issued a statement on their stance in the General Election.

North East for Europe have announced they will be contacting all general election candidates in the region to ask them a few very simple questions so we can find out whether voting for them will help the fight against Brexit.  Their answers, the voting record of sitting candidates on Brexit and their party’s policy on Brexit, will be published on this website.