Next stop - Sunderland

North East for Europe have announced plans for their next rally to be in Sunderland in October.

With the North East is set to be the region worst hit by Brexit, it is time to take stock of the situation. Whichever way people voted in the referendum, no-one did so to be worse off, but that is the future facing our area according to Government and independent sources.

We are particularly worried about the impact on local jobs especially regarding Nissan who have clearly stated they need the UK to stay in the Single Market to operate. The effects of leaving the single market and the consequent need for customs checks on both imported components and finished cars exported will be very serious for flagship employers such as Nissan, and also for the many local firms who are part of their supply chain.

Sunderland and the North East as a whole have benefited from EU regeneration funds, often despite poor support for our area from the government in London, but also from huge investment by overseas businesses who have come here because of the combined effect of quality of the workforce and being in the huge European 'single market'. As a result the North East is one of the best exporting regions of the UK, and around two-thirds of those exports are to the EU.

North East for Europe want to celebrate the business and cultural links Sunderland and the region has with the rest of the EU and is calling for a Peoples Vote on the final Brexit Deal which is destined to be a pale shadow of what Leave campaigners cklaimed it would be in 2016.

Details of the October rally are due to be announced shortly. A crowdfunder appeal has been launched to help meet the costs of the rally. You can donate through JustGiving or direct to North East for Europe