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There is much that is still uncertain at present - Does Boris really want a deal? Will he come up with any proposals the EU might agree with? What will parliament say? ...) but more and more MPs are accepting that a People's Vote - letting the people of this country make an informed decision about Brexit - is the best (or only) way out of the current mess.

On Saturday 19th October hundreds of people from the North East of England will be in London to demand that we the people, not Boris Johnson should have the final say on any deal or no-deal Brexit.

Come and join us: click here to tell the organiser's you are coming (it helps them plan) and you can click here to book a place on our coaches with pick ups in Newcastle, Durham and Darlington.

After a Queen's Speech (maybe) and the critical EU council on 17th October, we want to see London's streets again filled by a big "Let us be heard" march - let's put maximum pressure on MPs from all parties to give us a People's Vote with an option to stay in the EU.