Manifesto Policies on Brexit & Britain’s relationship with the EU

 We've been looking at the main parties' manifestos and what they say about Brexit and Britain's future for Europe. Taking each party standing in the North East of England, in alphabetical order, we have noted:

Conservative Party

  •  Will get on and deliver Brexit
  • Strong and stable government to deliver best deal on Brexit

  • Brexit will bring opportunities for hard-working people

  • Delivery of a smooth and orderly departure from the EU and a deep and special relationship with Europe

  • No membership of Single Market of Customs Union

  • Will seek comprehensive free trade and customs agreement

  • Fair financial settlement with EU

  • No more “vast annual contributions” to EU

  • Reduction of immigration

  • Increase charge to businesses employing “migrants” to £2000 per person

Green Party

  • A referendum to ratify the final deal on which Britain leaves the EU

  • Keeping freedom of movement throughout UK and EU

  • Maintaining rights of EU citizens to remain in the UK

  • Protect opportunities for young people to live, study, work and travel in the EU

  • Protection of the Erasmus scheme

  • Protection of existing EU environmental laws, principles and regulations which protect human health, animal welfare protections and workers’ rights. 

Labour Party

  •  No Conservative “reckless Brexit”
  • Delivery of a Brexit to unite the country

  • Retain “benefits” of Single market and Customs Union

  • Immediately guarantee rights of EU citizens living in UK and seek reciprocal arrangements

  • End free movement of workers and introduce “fair rules and reasonable management” of migration

  • Reject “no deal” Brexit option and will seek transitional deal

  • Cooperative relationship with EU on climate change, refugee crises and counter-terrorism

  • Will seek ongoing relationship with Euratom, European Medicines Agency, Erasmus scheme, Europol, Eurojust and seek to keep European arrest warrant system

  • Will protect workplace laws, consumer rights and environmental protections

  • Access to single market for farmers and protection from cheap imports

  • Devolution of existing EU powers to regions

  • Protection of EU structural fund spending for regions

  • No hard border for Ireland 

Liberal Democrats

  • Acknowledge the result of the 2016 referendum but final decision on the actual deal negotiated should be decided by the people in a referendum, not by politicians

  • Britain is stronger through continued membership of EU

  • Hard Brexit is bad for the country

  • Full membership of Single Market, Customs Union and freedom of movement should be retained

  • Unilateral guarantee of existing rights for EU citizens currently living in the UK and negotiation of reciprocal rights for British citizens in EU

  • Protecting all opportunities for young people in EU (work, travel, study,Erasmus+ scheme)

  • Fight to ensure EU social and employment rights are protected

  • Ensuring high standards of EU environmental law are maintained in the UK

  • Maintaining means of law enforcement through Europol and European arrest warrant

  • Protecting British jobs, agriculture and regional development by staying in the single market

  • Ensuring the priorities and interests of all the UK nations are fully taken into account during Brexit negotiations

  • Ensuring the political stability of Northern Ireland

United Kingdom Independence Party

  •  At the time of writing, UKIP had not published its manifesto