Pause the Transition Period

This is possibly the most significant campaign in the next year. The “Australian style deal” being touted by the government is really just a No Deal Brexit in disguise. However, the rebrand of ‘No deal’ to ‘Australian deal’ means that many people do not know that this is no deal, or what the consequences of crashing out of the EU without a deal would be.

When this is combined with the current Covid-19 pandemic, the impact of a No Deal Brexit will be even more detrimental to both our economy and our NHS.

We must get the government to extend the Brexit transition period, and avoid a No Deal Brexit.

This is a matter of urgency: The government is insisting that they will walk away from negotiations if no agreement is reached by the end of June. Therefore, we only have until the 1st of July to delay a No Deal Brexit.

We must get the Government to extend the transition period.

What can you do?

  1. Advocacy: MPs are most likely to listen to their own constituents, so it is essential that we all maintain a good relationship with our MP. You can download one of these template letter to your newly elected Conservative MP or your long-standing Conservative MP or your Labour MP that you can customise.
  2. Communications: People are far more likely to listen to voices in their community: their family, their friends. Thus, you are essential to getting people to listen to our message.
  3. Localising the issues: People and MPs are more likely to relate to the local impact of issues. Identify and communicate the local impact in your community. 

But there are a number of smaller goals that you can help us achieve:

  1. We want to highlight the impact of a No Deal on key industries.
  2. We want to highlight the impact of a No Deal Brexit on different communities around the UK
  3. We want 100,000 people to sign our the European movement petition
  4. We want thousands of letters sent to local MPs
  5. We want to secure a number of supportive MPs to the campaign
  6. We want to have a cross party campaign, and secure at least one Brexit supporting MP that will argue for extension
  7. We want to get our side of the argument on digital channels and in the newspapers, in order to reach a diverse audience
  8. We want a high number of people hearing our message on social media
  9. We want to raise enough money to make this campaign as big as possible

The Key messages are:

  1. Pause the Brexit transition. Focus on Covid-19.
  2. One problem at a time. Our NHS and our economy cannot cope with both a No Deal Brexit and Covid19
  3. Pause the transition. Focus on our NHS.
  4. No Deal is Bad for Britain No to No Deal
  5. We cannot allow a catastrophic No Deal Brexit to destroy our NHS, our economy, and to risk lives.
  6. Save our economy. Save our NHS.

Do’s and don’ts

 Do’s >
  1. Focus on pausing the transition - not stopping Brexit - make it clear that this is about more than Brexit
  2. Use urgent campaigning language
  3. Be polite, cross party and not controversial
  4. Lead people to the CTA
  5. Be polite to politicians and influencers, even if you don’t agree with them
Don’ts >
  1. Be divisive, personal not cross-party
  2. Make sure that what your saying is rooted in provable fact
  3. Do not be controversial, or not family friendly
  4. Rub politicians the wrong way, we need to persuade them

Conservative Specific Messaging

Please note, we have put together some specific messaging that will assist you when speaking to Conservative MPs, particularly the new Conservatives in the former “red wall”. Please see the final two pages of this document for this messaging.

Key Links

The petition:

The Crowdfunder:

The No Deal webpage:


These blogs may be of use for extra content:


Social media


For this campaign the main # is: #Pause - so please always use this

But you could also use: #No2NoDeal or #PauseBrexit4Covid19 #ExtendTheTransition


Social copy:

We did it in 2019, and we can do it again, but we must act now. #Pause

Chip in and say no to a no deal Brexit.

We only have until June. We can #Pause the Brexit transition.

A no deal Brexit will mean delays at the Border #Pause

A no deal Brexit will mean medicine and PPE shortages. We must #Pause the transition anad avoid a No Deal Brexit.

#Pause Brexit. Focus on COVID-19.

#Pause the transition. Focus on our NHS.

Let’s focus on one problem at a time. #Pause

Now, when we are facing the biggest public health crisis since 1918, it is even more important to come together to protect our NHS and our economy from the disastrous effects of a No Deal Brexit. #Pause

Our NHS cannot cope with both a No Deal Brexit and COVID- 19.#Pause

A No Deal Brexit will fundamentally weaken the NHS’s ability to operate - let alone fight this global pandemic. We must tackle one problem at a time or the future of our NHS will be at risk.#Pause

Whether you voted leave or remain, we must now come together to do what is in the national interest. #Pause

According to the government’s own report, a No Deal Brexit will lead to shortages of medicine and food, chaos at our borders, and unrest in our streets #Pause

One problem at a time.  Our NHS and our economy cannot cope with a No Deal Brexit and Covid19 #Pause

We cannot allow a catastrophic No Deal Brexit to destroy our NHS, our economy, and to risk lives. #Pause

We must stop a No Deal Brexit, and it has never been more important than during this Pandemic. Our NHS and our economy cannot cope with a No Deal Brexit and Covid19. It is as simple as that. #Pause


Example Letters to MPs

The letter that you send to your MP will depend on the party of the MP. Please download the sample letters below based on party - however, the more personal you can make the letters, the better. Just remember to always be polite - even if you disagree with the MP!

  1. Newly Elected Conservative MP
  2. Long-standing Conservative MP
  3. Labour MP

Localisation of these letters is essential to make the impact as big as possible.