Peoples Vote march in London

Put it to the People:

Parliament is in a logjam. We need things to change. The only sensible way out is for Parliament to put the final decision on Brexit back to the People.

The People's Vote campaign is on the march again - on Saturday 23rd March in London.

Last October around 700,000 people came. This time it could be even bigger.

Maybe Parliament will have backed a People's Vote by then, in which case this becomes the start of the campaign to stay in the EU; if not this is the last and best chance to show the strength and depth of public opposition to the course recommended by Theresa May and her government, and it is not too late for Parliament to force a change.

Caroline Lucas MP has said "The 23rd of March is likely to be High Noon for Brexit - when anyone who cares about the future, anyone who feels betrayed by broken promises in the last referendum, anyone who wants to prevent years more of this chaos needs to make their voice heard".

North East for Europe urges anyone who agrees to join us in London if at all possible.

What you can do now:

  • Arrange your travel - by train , Megabus, National Express , or any other way you can, please go. Cheapest travel tickets are selling fast so don't wait. (Also, if returning by train, please be aware that trains leaving King Cross after 6.30pm on 23rd march will finish at York with ongoing journey by connecting bus and/or train depending on your destination.
TRAVEL UPDATE: Please note that we are not able to take any more bookings for coach places - we started with one coach and now have four coaches going the North East to the march, as well as the many people who are travelling by train or other means.  

North East for Europe are arranging meeting points for people from the North East before the march, and a social afterwards for those taking a late train or are not in a rush to leave.