Revoking article 50

Tired of Brexit? Want it to be abolished? 

The best deal we can have with the EU is the one that we have now - staying in the EU is good for jobs, good for business, good for security, good for young people, good for the arts, good for the NHS, good for the North East.

A no-deal brexit will leave the North East 16% poorer than staying in. Theresa Mays deal  will give us another two years (or more) of negotiation about what Brexit will be like in 2021 after the transition period.

Revoking article 50 will get rid of Brexit - and let the country concentrate on the real issues such as housing, the environment and building a fairer country for all.

Revoking article 50 will mean we remain in the EU and can work to reform it to make it even better. Taking part in the European elections will mean that we a democratic say in what the EU does.

If you want to stop Brexit by revoking Article 50, sign the petition at - over 6 million people already have - why not join them!

If you have already signed and want to help us get more people to sign it then here are tools to help you recruit more signatures. Download and print them off give them to friends, neighbours or colleagues. Why not organise a door knocking or leaflet delivery in your area?