Share the love


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There are many things to love about being a member of the EU, and North East for Europe would like to celebrate some of those with everyone.

We have produced these 12 hearts and we encourage everyone to print out at least one as big as possible, get together with your loved one and share a photo or video of this message with your MP. Let them know you love what the EU does for our country and you will love them more if they do too.

Cut out and share one or more of these messages.

Click on a heart below to get a heart you can print out on A4 or A3, cut it out and, take a photo or video with your loved one and post it on social media with the hashtags #sharethelove and #loveEU. Don’t forget to tag your MP in posts. You can also tag an MEP and/or @NE4EU if you have space in your tweet.

Got something you love about the EU or another an idea you’d like to share? just get in touch

weLoveCleanAir.jpg weLoveCleanBeaches.jpg
weLoveInControl.jpg weLove28daysHoliday.jpg weLoveRegionalInvestment.jpg
weLoveSafefood.jpg weLoveFoM.jpg weLoveWorkersRights.jpg
weLoveAnimalWelfare.jpg weLoveConsumerRights.jpg weLovePetPassports.jpg


(If you don't want to tweet a photo of yourself, here are some images with hearts that you could use!)