Teesside for Europe

Welcome to our temporary page for Teesside for Europe in partnership with North East for Europe. We work closely together in our campaign to stop brexit from damaging our region and our country.

Teesside for Europe is a grassroots group of concerned local people who think Brexit - and especially a hard Brexit outside of the single market and customs union - will be bad for Britain and for Teesside in particular.

We love Teesside, the North East, and we love our country, which is why we are campaigning to keep the strongest possible links with the EU. It's our democratic right, but we also think it is our patriotic duty.

Our committee is made up of people in Teesside, some from a range of political parties - either currently or previously - and some from no political party, but all working together to do the best we can for the Teesside.

For more information please visit our other pages or our partner North East for Europe, or email info @ northeast4europe.org.uk


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